About me

Hi, my name is Alena. I am almost 39 years old watercolorist from Estonia. I am a mom of cute 7 year old girl, cat mom of a beautiful one eyed grey cat and girlfriend of a handsome biker. I love painting, cooking, reading and watching true-crime videos.

Art is my hobby and my happy place. I have a daytime job, which is not just a job, but a job that I truly love and enjoy and I am good at it. I just wish to have more time to do all that I love. Sometimes I think that I just have to quit sleeping 🙂 Haven’t succeeded in it yet, though. 

My second hobby is urban exploration – exploring abandoned houses. So if I am not painting (or reading, or cooking, or working), then I am definitely at some abandoned factory taking pictures of ruins 🙂 




About my art

I always created something, mostly in digital. From 2009 I started making vector art for microstocks, but soon understood, that I want to do traditional art more than digital, so I switched to copic marker sketches in 2014. What started with quick sketches, soon turned into more detailed and realistic artworks. I found my style and niche – realistic botanical paintings. Later I switched to watercolor, as markers were limiting me in every way – I could not paint bigger formats, could not use archival quality paper not hang my artworks to walls, as markers ink is not lightfast. I found the solution in switching to watercolor – it was not an easy way for me, but once I succeeded, there was no way back 🙂 

What makes my artwork special? I only paint the items I see myself – either from nature or from my own pictures. I never use google/pinterest for references, so you can be sure, that each artwork is unique and painted the way I see it. 
I use only best watercolor papers, which are 100% cotton, archival quality and only professional grade paints to make sure my artworks will outlive me. 

About my shop

I always wanted to have shop to share my art with you. I try to offer as many options as possible in every price level – you can buy my original artworks, prints and postcards. As a small business owner I do a happy dance each time you purchase anything from me 🙂 Thank you for that!